Holiday Breaks & Closing

Please note: Move & Groove does NOT hold make up classes for Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, Labor Day or Memorial Day.

Move & Groove will not hold class and no make-up day will be given for school holidays or

  • Thanksgiving Break 2022 – 21st-25th
  • Winter Break 2021/22: December 19 – January 2 – classes will resume on January 3rd
  • Spring Break 2022: March 13-18
  • Memorial Day 2022 – May 31
  • Summer Break 2022:  School specific
  • July 4th 2022 -Monday
  • Labor Day 2022 – September 5

If we are not able to hold a scheduled class due to our teacher responsibility, we will schedule a makeup class.  If we are not able to hold class due to the school schedule, we will not schedule a makeup class.

We do not offer makeup classes or tuition credit for student illness.

**The minimum number of students per class is 5.  If the number of registered students drops below 5, the class will be put on “inactive” status until the number of registrations increases**